Cathryn Yarbrough, PhD

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

​Telephone: 615-219-0706

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Guidance on your journey

​​Are you struggling in your life? This could be with anxiety, depression, relationships, life circumstances, illness. Are you looking to find a way to move forward and to get things under control again? If so,  explore my website and see if my approach is a match for you. Making sure you find the right match - someone with whom you can build a warm trusting relationship - is an important part of making psychotherapy work.

Life is difficult for all of us. We spend our lives learning how to be more and more skillful with life’s challenges. If we can also learn to be resilient to these challenges, the process can be transformative. Every problem we face can be opportunity to evolve – to learn and to deepen our understanding of ourselves and of what it is to be human. This growth makes us into more empathetic, genuine, and wise people. This is a lifelong journey.

Relationship impasses are some of the most painful issues people face. I work with couples, traditional and non-traditional, to help them overcome their conflicts and to recover their delight in each other. To strengthen relationships, I believe it is important to start from the place of curiosity, not blame, and to learn how to keep emotions from becoming overwhelming and destructive.

I also work with businesses to help workplaces become healthier and more productive. Managing people becomes much more effective when you have the right tools for communicating, listening, and giving feedback.

My comfortable office in Green Hills is in a suite with two others and is convenient to Nashville, Bellevue, Brentwood, and Franklin.